Why is Israel Attempting to Sell High Tech UAVs to Russian Military?


Israeli defense contractors are working to secure a deal to sell the Russian Military high-tech Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and yet, this is certainly putting the financial greed of defense contractors in their nation over what is best for the on-going viability of their state.

Let me remind you of another incident that happen during that little Hezbollah Conflict in Lebanon. Some 75-military technology advisors were on hand to assist Hezbollah in firing off a radar-guided missile that took out an Israeli high-tech battleship. Of course, one has to ask where on Earth did all the technology come from?

Well, the Iranians hacked into and used the Lebanon International Airport Control Tower system, made by Lockheed and missile technology that China sold to Iran and Iran helped Hezbollah use. How did China get this technology in the first place? It seems that Israel sold it to China, so round-and-round it goes. China sells missile technology to Iran, including long-range ICBMs that are capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. (1250 mile range).

And as if no one learned their lesson in all of this now, Israel wants to sell advanced UAV technology to Russian, which also sells weapons to Iran including mobile missile launchers. Is it just me or does someone else see all the hypocrisy here? Of course, Israeli defense contractors will also tell us of how they bought Russian Aircraft and fitted them with early radar warning system and sold them to India.

India of course, has been in the news for making engines for the SU-27 Advanced Fighters that are going to be used in that country and sold to China, Venezuela, Iran, Pakistan and even Canada appeared to be interested at one point. Why is everyone setting the human race up for WWIII and if they don’t care, why on Earth should I, go kill yourselves if that is all you value human life, just leave me out of it. Humans!?!

Source by Lance Winslow

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