Why Isn’t Your Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center Getting Paid? Healthcare Technology


Starting and running an alcohol addiction treatment center involves making very important decisions. These decisions are critical to the success and efficiency of your business. One of those decisions that will be very complex to understand is in the area of  technology . Here are a few tips to help you understand some common challenges in 2017 that your facility could face.

Owners of alcohol and addiction treatment centers quickly realize how important it is to manage cost versus quality when it comes to choosing the  technology  that they will use to manage the facility’s workflow and communication processes. Interoperability remains one of the top challenges for many centers in the United States. Selecting products based on cost alone is a painful mistake that owners can make when opening a new facility. Taking a piece meal approach to building an efficient and productive facility can cost you up to 3 times more in financial investment over time. The result you could face would be lost revenue and a dwindling client base. Be sure to do your due diligence in the beginning to avoid cash slow problems in the end.

Another tip would be to make sure that you and your staff receive adequate training on the ASAM criteria. The American Society of Addiction Medicine plays a vital role in preventing abuse in this highly sensitive and challenging sector of healthcare. Educating them regularly will help your center with being disciplined to follow guidelines that will help you grow your alcohol and addiction treatment center from a quality and value based foundation.

Medical Billing remains a complex challenge that many facilities are struggling to find a solution to. The rising cost of healthcare has left many plagued with revenue cycle management and unresolved collection problems. Weighing the pros and cons of whether to outsource or keep your medical billing inhouse also remains one of the top healthcare challenges of 2017. Medical billing is very closely tied to how fast or slow your facility will be getting paid. Submitting a claim is very time consuming process if not done correctly. Claim submission errors can result in cash flow issues that could be financially devastating if not corrected and handled in a quickly.

Making smart  technology  decisions that will streamline your workflow processes and play a key factor in your success. Not only will your staff stay happy, your clients will continue to support your facility and send referrals your way based on the positive experience that they will receive from a facility that values and understands the importance of an innovative and efficient  technology  based workflow design.

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