Why Not Get Your Blog Listed in Technorati?


Hopefully, you are already at the level of needing to learn how to increase Technorati rank and authority, but even if you have never seen Technorati before, keep reading. I am going to cover everything you need to know.

My Technorati Review

Technorati is a great help for anyone who has a blog and wants to increase traffic. Having a link from Technorati can prove to be quite powerful.

People go to the site to search for blogs that feature the information they need. Consumers and internet surfers have come to view Technorati as a great resource for finding insightful opinions, latest news updates, and general information on the topics of entertainment news, technology, sports, politics, lifestyle, business, and more.

Technorati’s Alexa rank is 1672, which is pretty good. This not only means that a backlink from them can increase your blog ranking in Google and other search engines, but it means the site is a rich traffic source.

While many of the sites some recommend for backlinks get virtually no traffic, this is not the case when it comes to Technorati. Instead, the site is an impressive place to have your blog listed. Being popular there means you have a lot of blog authority.

The mission of Technorati is to “help bloggers succeed”. It seems that the Technorati team has been successful in accomplishing this goal. This is the very first blog search engine online and it is also one of the best.

Increasing Technorati Rank and Authority

Part of what Technorati does is track the authority of blogs in the Blogosphere. The more authority your blog has in general, the more authority and rank it gets on Technorati. For this reason, it is important to make sure you ping Technorati after every new post and blog update.

Here are some ways to increase authority and rank in Technorati

  • Build High Quality Backlinks to Your Posts
  • Target a Specific Topic and Niche
  • Comment on Other Technorati Listed Blogs
  • Link All Your Blogs Together and Have them All Listed
  • Run a Contest and Offer Free Giveaways
  • Ping Every Post
  • Use Only the Highest Quality Content on Your Blog
  • Invite Other Technorati Bloggers to Link to You

Basically, any approach that would increase the overall popularity and ranking of your blog will also increase the power of your Technorati listing.

Getting your blog listed on Technorati is very simple. The first step is to sign up for an account. Next, find the ‘claim a blog’ tab. You will be given a claim token which must be featured in one of your posts. After you have placed the token in a post, go back to Technorati and let them know to check for your blog. They will send you an email when the blog get accepted or you can check your account.

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