Why People Enjoy Sad Love Stories


There is not a female on this planet who doesn’t like a romantic movie. Maybe you wonder if sad love stories are the exception. Probably not! Everyone likes to see people fall in love. The outcome of the story is not usually an exception.

Since Romeo and Juliet, romantic stories make our hearts smile and cry. Sometimes we wish for a better outcome than the hero or the heroine dying, but we still love the story or the tale. Maybe it is because as a human being and one where our emotions tend to control our actions, we like to see other people experiencing life.

Today if you go to the movies and see a sad romance or just a sweet lover’s story in general, it is considered a chick flick. There is nothing wrong with that phrase however, sometimes guys like those stories just as well. They may balk and complain the entire time they are standing in line to get the tickets, but they enjoy watching the movie. Besides what better time to hold your girl and console her as she cries, and you get to enjoy popcorn and a coke as you do it.

Movies or books today don’t always have happy endings and frankly it is good to have stories like that to read or watch occasionally. Why? Because as kids we are read fairy tales and stories where Prince Charming comes in at the last minute and saves the day. The hero wins and the heroine gets her kiss. Life is not like that in the real world.

The real world has tragic romances happening every day. Someone may lose a sweetheart to another guy, or to an illness or disease. The important thing to remember is we all like to see the tales of love, whether they are sad or happy, but we don’t always remember that they happen in real life too, not just in print or on the screen.

Source by Chelsea Cummins

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