Why Should I Buy a Samsung Flat Panel TV OR Any LCD TV at All – The History and Benefits


Samsung produces a line of LCD TVs and flat screen monitors that are great for everybody that enjoys playing computer video games, watching old fashioned film movies and HDTV.

  • Developed to ensure maximum usability, these elevated resolution screens are a joy to use and watch, versatile and operate efficiently.
  • Samsung LCD TVS come in a wide range of sizes starting at 26 inches up through 55 inches with many popular attributes.

Flat panel TV has become one of the most talked about products in the search for enjoyable affordable entertainment. More illuminating is the speed at which this concept has been accepted since breaking into the world market. LCD TVs look a lot like computer monitors but are more reliable. Just think of all the horror stories you have heard about people that have been dissatisfied with how their computer monitor let them down. LCD TVS are the first to offer flat panel TV to the consumer market able to brag about 1,920 x 1,080p native resolution, the highest of the 18 ATSC formats.

Plasma TV will also receive input direct from home-recorded videos, and can serve double duty as a tv set or as a monitor for a computer. Don’t believe that plasma sets have a longer life cycle than lcds. Even though plasmas are lasting longer, flat panel LCD’s still rule the service life roost.

  • When you are looking for complete connectivity, with three or more inputs offering 1080p resolution you are just scratching the surface: Samsung’s amazing Auto Motion Plus 120Hz technology reduces motion blur to produce crisp, precise action. The color-saturated 40″ picture boasts a 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, displays deep. rich blacks and captures understated tones.
  • Complete 1080p HD resolution with 50,000:1 dynamic-contrast ratio produces show stopping detail and in your face colors. When you add Auto Motion Plus 120Hz and Ultra Clear Panel technology working in harmony the result is the smoothest motion and audaciously bright and dark tones.

Reviewer David Katzmaier goes so far as to say that the Samsung Televisions LN52A650 “produces arguably the best picture of any LCD TV we’ve tested so far.” The biggest drawback is the reflective screen. Though CNET doesn’t test other Series 6 screen sizes, site editors add that they expect the 40-inch and 46-inch versions to perform similarly. This Review took place when flat panel LCDs first hit the street and were expensive with inferior picture quality compared against the CRT TVs of the time but did offer larger screens without the corresponding theft of available living space. Today the quality and cost have surpassed and come down in price such that now when it is time to replace that old CRT TV the obvious choice is to purchase a Samsung flat panel TV or any other quality LCD on the market from reputable manufacturers like Toshiba, Sony, Vizio and many others.

Source by David Spears

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