Why There’s Nothing Like a Lady Gaga Concert


It’s easy to assume that Lady Gaga tour dates aren’t any different from other pop performer tours. Anyone that has seen the videos knows that she likes to dance, and she appears to like what she does for a living. These are clearly signs of a performer, but Lady Gaga tours are breathtaking.

Part of the reason that her tours are so exciting is because of the energy that she brings to the stage. People know that everything surrounding Lady Gaga is controversial. The music she sings, the videos she makes, and even the clothes that she wears can become instant gossip for entertainment news. Many people look for something spectacular to happen at her shows because of this. People look for a thrill ride and that is exactly what they get.

Lady Gaga has never declared herself to be the world’s best singer, dancer, or pianist. What she has proven, however, is that she can carry a tune, shake her rump, and tickle the ivory in a way that captivates the audience over and over again. She’s a full performer that is able to spice things up and give a live performance that electrifies each time that it is seen.

The outfits are always insanely skimpy, and her dance moves are risky at times. She has been known to let fans rush the stage. At other times she may be rushing into the fans by jumping off the stage. She’s just so unpredictable, and this is why many people love her.

Predictability continues to go out the window at certain points in the show when her entire demeanor changes. It’s amazing to see the same wild flower that is blossoming on stage turn into a beautiful rose as she slows things down. She continues to own the stage, but she definitely brings her high energy dancing down several notches when she graces the piano.

Fans are so high strung by the opening performance that they may forget that she has skills on the piano. On any given night of the tour crowds can catch a glimpse of the brief but serene alter ego of Lady Gaga performing Poker Face on piano. She may even slip into a jazz rendition of the song just to show her range. One cannot help but to be somewhat mesmerized by the many faces of Gaga.

It doesn’t take long, however, for her to slip back into another abstract outfit and get back in step with another dance routine for her next number. It’s amazing to see the progression throughout the show. It’s even more amazing to consider all of the shows within the Lady Gaga tour dates. She’s a hard working entertainment machine.

Source by Lucy Tomkins

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