Windows 7 Slow? Speed Up a Slow Windows 7 With a Few Simple Tips


Is your Windows 7 slow? You can speed up a slow Windows 7 with a few simple tips, and that can potentially make your life a whole lot easier and less annoying. If you are one of the I-love-all-things-new people who is a little disappointed in the speed of Windows 7, take this advice to heart and speed up your slow Windows 7 with these few simple tips:

1. Check out your startup menu. It seems that every software manufacturer sets up their installation wizards so that their product will open during startup. You would be amazed at how much this slows down your computer. Think of it as having to open every book in the library each time you just want to read one. Sound stupid, right? So go to start, then run, and then type in “msconfig.” See all those programs? If you don’t need it in your startup, uncheck it.

2. Clean up your registry. Registries tend to get bogged down and clogged up with unnecessary stuff. Get a good registry cleaner program and clean up your registry every month, or at least quarterly. It is easy to get a good registry cleaner; there are reliable ones available via download from the Net, and this is one of the more important things you can do if Windows 7 is slow and you want to speed up slow Windows 7.

3. Download and install Process Explorer. Similar to task manager, Process Explorer has a more user-friendly design and allows you to get rid of any and all unnecessary programs on your computer.

So, these steps are pretty easy to do, even if you are not a technology   guru . Don’t put up with lost productivity and the aggravation of slow Windows 7 when there are simple steps to speed up slowing Windows 7 and other operating systems, as well, for that matter.

Source by Mehmet Onatli

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