Wireless VOIP-COIP Mobile Internet Becomes a Reality Obsoleting Traditional Cellular


Advances in VOIP-COIP   technology  has been amazing over the past few years, more so than in the last decade in many areas. Communications have been advanced to the point that we can now use the internet for all phone calls at a much reduced price over landlines.

For the first time there are more mobile phones than landlines, so just as we are seeing phone booths disappear throughout the country, we are now seeing the landline phones vanish along with the old phone booths. When we look back over the history of the telecommunications industry, it is amazing how many advances we have seen, including the cellular phones which started out as backpack size devices.

As we are now seeing, cell phones usage continues to grow with nearly 255 million users at this point in time. Given the latest advances, I expect to see even more wireless phones, which are now devices, or computers, not just an old cell phone which was voice only. Texting has also exploded along with the demand for more bandwidth as texting and these new applications are sucking off bandwidth to a point where we are fast approaching what is called peak bandwidth.

Recently we saw this come to the surface with the introduction of the 3GS iPhone which AT&T could not support due to lack of bandwidth. Is this just an isolated case, or is it more than that? Experts are saying the bandwidth issue is real, and not just impending anymore, but here now, and the above report in the Wall Street Journal indicates the industry is scrambling to expand the bandwidth, but will it happen in time. I think most of us have experienced more dropping of calls and no connections in last year than ever before, so yes, we are seeing the problem surface quickly.

Experts in the industry have already stated that if every cell phone user were to make a call at the same time, less than one in four would get a connection. I know myself I have had more recordings of all circuits are busy, so is this a growing problem with texting being called the bandwidth hog of the cellular industry. After all, who thought texting would explode like it has with the younger users in particular? I know I didn’t, and I have yet to text someone, although I am now getting text advertisements, which is the new spam of the cell phone industry as I see it.

With the introduction of a new  technology  which promises to open up the bandwidth with a new high speed data introduction using VOIP-COIP, or voice over internet protocol and Cellular Over Internet Protocol, this may be the only answer given the time it takes to open up new frequencies for current cellular carriers which use current frequencies which are maxed out. VOIP-COIP offers a solution which also opens up current bandwidth by speeding up data by compressing it and sending voice in data packets, or bursts, then converted back to voice end to end.

I have researched two companies which are introducing this new  technology , and both appear to be exploiting the VOIP-COIP model over wireless connections which provides both wireless mobile and wireless internet which for millions will answer their prayers of finally accessing high speed internet connections. I know myself, I have a terrible broadband connection due to the remote area far from the transmitter amplifier, and my connection speeds are barely faster than my former dial up connection. Since phone line DSL was not available, and being I tried the WiFi cards with no success, I have waiting a long time for this new wireless access.

Given the fact both of these new services are launching at the same time, we don’t know which will rule supreme, but both claim to be carriers, not resellers, so this is going to get real interesting given the peak bandwidth issues the major carriers are having to deal with at the moment. From my understanding, these new companies have patented  technologies , so they may be the only companies offering this new  technology . One company claims to also be releasing internet over power lines access which is going to be offered through your existing utility companies. They claim to have agreements with 83% of utility companies nationwide, and this too would be an alternative I would welcome along with new wireless  technology  for mobile and internet.

Which company is best, I don’t yet know, but given I have ordered service from several to evaluate access and quality of service, and the fact I have a dual SIM cell phone, I will be able to test both side by side under exactly the same conditions to evaluate for myself which one is the best service. With no contracts required, and the lower cost of purchasing SIM card for the new VOIP-COIP offering. Having evaluated each to date, I can honestly say, be careful, warning, what you read may not be what you get. Without mentioning companies by name, what I have learned is one company failed to deliver, and the other major promoter provided obsolete three year old so called WiFi phone which it is not. Using VOIP is not new, using it to access the internet from a mobile phone is also not new, but COIP is, and before you make your decision, learn about COIP, Cellular Over Internet Protocol to learn the technical differences. Yes, they are similar, but not the same, so make sure you don’t make the mistake of listening to the hype and false promises in the industry.

One application I find particularly interesting is a new low cost security monitoring and surveillance system whereby you can monitor your business from home, and your home from business, and both from your new wireless device from anywhere in the world. For those with elderly parents, and the fact many do not live near enough to parents to help care for them, this is a breakthrough for safety assurance reasons. For those with nannies, you can also monitor your children when not at home from your mobile device or any computer also worldwide, wherever you have an internet connection, so  technologies  like this will be a welcome application on these new wireless systems. Just think of how many applications will be developed on this new wireless platform.

 Technology  is advancing quickly in the mobile communications industry, and VOIP-COIP is the latest in the  technology  of using the internet to access and place calls. If you already own a cell phone, imagine accessing a dial tone where you could route your calls through the internet on COIP network. Now you can call anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world for pennies rather than dollars a minute. I save hundreds of dollars a month using VOIP-COIP  technology , and so can everyone, even if you don’t travel internationally. What I did is downgrade my plan to minimum under $40.00 option, chose a carrier with friends and family type option, those where you can plug in your most called contacts, and they are free to call. What you do is plug in your VOIP-COIP number which routes to your internet hub and router and takes over the call from carrier, or passed off. While on this call, it is totally free, and if international, only pennies for a huge overall savings. I no longer need to have dual SIM phone with this new breakthrough VOIP-COIP system.

How much you can save is variable, but the main point of VOIP-COIP is that you do not have to purchase a new mobile phone like the others who use VOIP alone. You do need a device for your home, but with VOIP-COIP you are accessing network from home, business and from your mobile, all through one network for even more savings. In addition, you can have five or more phones utilizing this VOIP-COIP network, and you can access it from all over the world, thousands of miles away, point to point, and the connection is crystal clear. COIP is new, VOIP is not. If you are familiar with all the VOIP services now offered, you will know the call quality is greatly improved over the past few years since introduced. Do not make the mistake of purchasing a three year old  technology , not all VOIP is the same, and certainly, COIP is patented, so this you will only find from one company, so do your due diligence as I have and you will save a lot of time and hassle using an inferior over hyped service.

Source by Michael Osullivan

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