Words Paint Love


Many people really want to improve their love life, and indeed all of us should.

There are particular things I have observed in my study of relationship that affects generality of peoples. One of them is words.

Lots of ladies relate to words more than men. Words could sweep a lady off her feet. Word is the vehicle to convey love. In this article, I am focusing on men.

Communication in love relationships is a primary issue. Lots of things including money and material things are secondary to it. It is vital to establishment, growth and sustenance of all successful relationships. All persons in love must develop their communication abilities.

A lot of men do not understand this, and have had to struggle despite all their effort to have a happy relationship. Many other men have lost their spouses because they are poor with words.

You should not only speak the words, they should be good words. They should come at appropriate times and seasons.

Words paint love. It must be mastered and put to use.
Most ladies want your compliment when they make their hairs.
Most ladies want their dresses appreciated.
Ladies want their beauty eulogized.
During intercourse your wife wants to hear you appreciate her.
A lady wants you to love and say good words about her children.
Ladies want encouraging words said to them when they talk about challenges at work.
The list goes on.

Other things to talk:

1.Greeting. friendly greeting is very vital at all time
2.Chatting. Chatting with each other in very friendly ways; talk about things that are light, funny and humorous.
3.Share each other experience, anxieties, and concern.
4.Appreciate each other – cherish your wife -use lovely adjectives.
5.Talk about holidays; where to go and what to do.
6.Talk about things to buy, where to buy them, and costs.

Serious talk

-Take time to discuss actions you wish to take before taking them
-Talk about observed differences and how to handle them, the needed adjustment and possibly the effects they have on you.
-talk about the extend family in good faith.

Sexual matters

– Sexual desires should be discussed, in very friendly ways and if there are concerns talk about them. This is vital and there is nothing to be shy or ashamed of. Talk about your fancies and the things you want to spice up in your sexual experiences.
– Family planning should be discussed without stress.

Health matters

– Any health concerns should be discussed
– talk about exercises.

Keeping communication flowing.

It is important to have a constant communication flow. Do not create gaps at any time.
Telephone conversation – while away from each other is very important.

Break down of communication.

When there is any cause for a breakdown in communication, efforts should be made to restore it as quick as possible.

How to communicate

1. With respect.
2. With humour.
3. With sincerity.
4. With clarity.
5. With all tenderness.
6. In private over serious matter.
7. Never abusive.
8. Never degrading.
9. Never quarrel in front of the children.
10. Do not argue openly or for a long time.
11. Nothing selfish, never dominate a conversation.
12. Never over admire a person of the opposite sex, to the detriment of your home.
13. Pay due compliment always.
14. Never over express your anger, we all make mistakes at one time or another.
15. Express dissatisfaction with love.
16. Never shout at each other.

Your love life is important and you are the best person to improve it. You have a right to enjoy it. It is important that you make every effort to build your word life; this will improve all that is around you. You love life is painted with your words

Source by Felix Odiogor-Odoh

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