Wristbands for Admissions – Is It a Best Option?


Wristbands for admissions in the process of entry events are becoming more popular substitute in getting tickets because of the simplicity and numerous uses. Generally, they cannot be lost as they are attached securely to the wrist. They are one of the highly effective identification tools that assist using crowd control increasing profits.

Admission wristbands allow the staff in doing their jobs more effectively and efficiently. In an event, everyone doesn’t need party crashers that invade space, mooching food and drink for that the guests paid. Using these wristbands for admissions also enable security for staff to catch uninvited guests simply glancing at the wrist. Crowd control makes easy, For example, an event is spread across many days, admission wristbands can be coded with color or may be imprinted with the date. Hence, security identifies the guests trying for re-use of their single day pass entrance.

For the case of large events, color coding help in indicating and identifying different levels of access, that includes general admission, VIPs, staff, volunteers, performers, or any other special groups of guests. If a popular singer artist is performing in the event, a handful of guests may purchase or win backstage passes. The guests can wear admission wristbands in different and special color. For more distinction, one could have these wristbands imprinted with “VIP”. The Same thing goes with the staff, who can wear admission wristbands that are specifically designated color and also imprinted with “STAFF”. These designations with admission wristbands, security and staff members can quickly and easily identify anyone who are welcome guests or staff member and also ensures that where they have to be permitted. They may even up your profits. These bands allow the staff to check IDs in verifying the age of guest for entry. The guests of legal drinking age receive a specially colored admission wristband. For things to do more quickly, it can be imprinted as “Over 21” on the wristbands.

How can this possibly increase profits? This includes an alcoholic beverage that Concession lines can move much faster and the staffs need not to check IDs for every single transaction. Fast move of lines make more people to go through the lines and likely to return for other purchases. This Quick service lead increase in spending and in turn increase in profits.

Just an imprint “VIP” with “Over 21” on the admission wristbands along with logos and taglines may provide easier job. However, Custom printing wristbands has he following advantages. The First and foremost, imprint of unique design on admission wristbands may help preventing counterfeits and the risks of crashers while purchasing stock wristbands at the party store in gaining event access. Second, the imprint of logo or the tagline of the particular organization that hosts the event can promote their brand. These Admission wristbands can become a walking mini advertisement.

If we consider the design imprinted on the admission wristband as cool, the guests may have a great time at the event and are likely to continue wearing these wristband for days or for weeks to come. Hence, Admission wristbands can become the conversation starters like: starting from the water cooler at work to the nearby grocery store. One can get creative in using admission wristbands for this branding. They may even try to imprint the organization’s website address on these wristband. The Online traffic also spike! Additionally, the social media, it is making the guests to get on Twitter or Facebook and enabling to tweet or post their website address, and finally comment about the organization with the greatest time they had at the event.

The best way to put the wristbands in good branding is by turning them into a coupon. The Imprint discounts also exist like “get 20% off on the product X with the purchase of this wristband” or “show your wristband and easily gain $10 off on spend of $50. ” With the imprint of a coupon on the admission wristband, anyone can invite the guests to participate in action.

However, imprinting of quick response (QR) codes is the other way to get guests for action and creating all buzz on the social network scene. Imprinting of a coupon on an admission wristband allows inviting guests to take part in action. Also Imprinting quick response (QR) codes is one of the ways to get guests for them to action and create the entire buzz on the social network scene Of course, the QR code is an invitation to get only on an email list in order to receive exclusive offers. Of course, both the imprinted coupons and the QR codes are one of the most effective ways that these admission wristbands can help in building the brand and in growing profits.

To know the costs of admission wristbands or to make a profit, sponsorships can do the some trick. The process is like selling the advertising space and thus the particular advertisement is right on the target’s wrist that can be viewed constantly during the event. At last, the Imprint sponsors logos, coupons and promotions. The main goal is to get the people to take the action and to grow the brand and finally to increase sales. Of course, who can know that a simple admission wristband could accomplish so much?

Source by Sam H White

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