Write a Complaint Letter That Refunds Your Money


We have all received those phone calls from telephone solicitors offering us the greatest deals from a vacation plan to better service. It is hard to resist, and like many of us Linda Giles could not let such an offer pass by. They were promising a major discount on all her communication services if she switched to this new company. Phone, Internet, TV and Wireless for a fantastic price and according to the gentleman on the phone, his company would handle any cancellation fees charged by her current provider for ending the contract early.

So it was an awful surprise when the bill came in from the previous provider for a $220.00 cancellation fee. Linda immediately called her new customer service department and was treated shabbily. The rep actually told her it was in poor taste to cancel contracts and she should have stayed with her previous company. The rudeness went on and Linda finally ended up slamming the phone down in total frustration.

What would you do next? Obviously phone calls don’t work, but letters do. By putting your complaint out in writing, you will not only be able to send it to the best person but you also have a chance to get your entire point across without interruption.

Search the internet for recent bits of news on the company; has someone been appointed to the Board of Directors; was there an election for a new President or CEO; or is there a parent company you rather deal with instead. The higher you aim the better the results.

Be humble, humorous, and honest with your report on what happened. Hopefully, you had pen in hand when you phoned customer service and recorded names, dates, and who said what. Let them know that your friends, family and co-workers are also interested in the outcome of this dilemma.

Send the letter ‘Private & Confidential’ and make sure you have the person’s name and company title correct. This is where a phone call is necessary, but only to get the facts straight. In today’s business world, somebody can be CEO one day and retired the next, so be sure to check.

With a letter, all the facts are set out and can be read, reviewed and passed along. The reader has the choice between keeping a satisfied customer or losing them forever along with many of their acquaintances. The people on a frontline customer service desk must follow a routine set of procedures but it is a lot easier for executives to bend those rules or ignore them altogether. Tell a great story to the right person and you will be surprised by the results.

Source by W Harrison

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