Writing a Newspaper Article – How to Make Your Newspaper Articles Impacting


If you’re just starting a career in journalism, you might be clueless on how you can make your articles impacting. You can do this by simply following these tips:

1. Carefully choose the stories that you’re going to cover. Consider your target audience and the things that can capture their attention when choosing your topics. Your best bets are current events that affect the global community, news about sports and entertainment, news about politics and economy, etc.

2. Write your articles using the inverted pyramid technique. There is no other way to write your newspaper articles than using this particular writing technique. As your readers are pressed for time, you’ve got to offer them all the information they need as quickly as possible. Put everything that they want to know on your first paragraph.

3. Deliver complete information. Do you homework before you write your newspaper articles. Perform an extensive research and strive to get all sides of the story. Interview people who are directly involved or who are in the position to comment on what you’re writing about. You will need to do this to make sure that your readers will easily understand your articles.

4. Use formal tone. You can’t really sound upbeat (unless you’re writing about entertainment news) when writing your newspaper articles. You will need to offer the information that you have gathered as they are. You cannot interpret them and you cannot deliver them using conversational tone.

5. Review your articles. Before you submit your articles to your editors, make sure that they’re ready for publication. Check them for grammar, spelling, and other common writing errors. Also, ensure that all the information you share are based on facts.

Source by Sean Mize

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