Xbox 360 – Ready for Tomorrow


The Xbox 360 began life as a hard-core gaming machine, made specifically for the avid gamer.

Its launch in May 2005 opened gamers to a whole new era in high definition gaming never before seen or experienced.

It’s always faced stiff competition from Sony’s PlayStation 3, which keeps the   tech   gurus  at Microsoft’s gaming division on their toes.

Over the years the Xbox 360 has gone through many iterations to keep it inline with market needs and trends.

In its latest guise, known as the Xbox 360 Slim, the console supports a new smaller and sleeker chasis that will sit comfortably next to your DVD player and complement your piano black large screen TV.

But there’s more to it than its looks.

The new console operates more silently than ever before – there’s no more whirring of a noisy fan. It’s also got built-in WiFi that will connect you seamlessly to Xbox LIVE, so you can download games, videos and interact with family and friends using a variety of social media tools at your disposal.

Then there’s the advent of Kinect. This is a revolutionary new device where you are the controller!

Kinect tracks your movements and even recognises your face and voice.

Imagine walking into your living room in the morning and being greeted by your Xbox?Followed by personalised updates, e.g. the latest news from your favourite channel, the latest updates on social media, your agenda for the day, important emails, etc.

All of this just by walking into a room!

This is the kind of tech we’ve seen and envied from Minority Report and Iron Man.

Then there’s the uncanny on-screen interaction a user can experience with a virtual character. Have a look at this video of Milo and you’ll see what we mean.

We started off talking about a leading edge games console and now have a device that is central to your media and social hub with intuitive interaction that allows anyone to quickly and easily get involved.

The combination of an Xbox 360 console with Kinect brings in a whole new generation of users from all age groups and makes the Xbox more than just a sophisticated gaming machine.

The future for the Xbox is bright. Microsoft is renowned for its investment into smart home technology and with its hugely successful Xbox console, it’s now making the first steps into bringing it into our homes without intruding or changing the way we do things.

Source by Arif Hanid

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