YonKa Alpha-Contour 0.55 oz. 15 ml Anti Wrinkles, Fine Lines for Eyes – Lips 2012 New Design Packaging Personal Healthcare / Health Care


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A ejuveaig ge fo eye & ip oous Fomuaed wih AHA fo ai-wike & hydaig beefis Beded wih hyauoi aid o deive moisue Loaded wih mimosa euifoa & maie pepides o egeeae & smooh ski Ifused wih esseia ois of peppemi & avede fo efeshig & paifyig popeies Visiby edues he appeaae of wikes & fie ies Povides a peasa feeig of feshess Uveis moe efied & youge ookig eye & ip oousYonka – Contours Alpha-Contour 33130 15ml/0.55oz

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