You Know You Don’t Have a Chance


You may have been in the same position yourself at some point in time. Standing near by, watching a very convincing orchestrated performance that has you shackled. The logical part of your mind is telling you to leave, this is a done deal and you know it.

The good old days

It was dog eat dog in your business but you were able to hold your own with the best of them. All that hard work had finally begun to pay off, literally. You were well established, even considered by some to be the best around right now.

The money had been pretty dog gone good for a while so you stepped out and splurged on a new vehicle. Maybe a bit out of your usual comfort zone but hey, things are o.k. in the finance department.

It is starting to slip away

To attempt to stop what’s happening will only guarantee you will be remembered forever as a cruel, heartless, and jealous cur.

There’s a new game in town, as a matter of fact there are two of them and you cannot compete with either.

o Number one is young, beautiful, captivating eyes, and a smile that would make you melt.

o She is smart! Masters Degree no less, yet very careful not to talk over the buyer’s head-which is in the clouds anyway.

o She has the body of a Playboy Centerfold, and you can see every curve and bulge thanks to the really short skirt and form fitting pull over top.

o She is the replacement for the old representative you made dog meat out of.

o Now you’re dog meat!

It almost makes you wish you were the buyer, but the logic kicks in again as you wonder how you can possibly compete with that. All giggly and smiley flashing those eyes, pretending to yawn …”Oh, excuse me”, so she could stretch and arch her back. Yawn my foot.

You just know she yawns at every sales call, got to keep the buyer’s attention focused on what she has to sell. It is all over for you here, but just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse. Enter new game number 2.

o Poor old Dewey has a terminal illness. He has brought his wife with him, Agnes.

o Agnes is sniffling a little as Dewey explains it’s close to the end for him.

o Guess what? Agnes is going to take over all of Dewey’s accounts after he passes on.

o The buyer is beginning to get a bit misty.

o “You’ll take care of her won’t you, Gus?” (the buyer)

o Gus, “Why of course I will, Dewey. Don’t you worry about a thing.”

o You are dog meat here, also.

Wonderful, Dewey has nothing to worry about and neither does Agnes. You might as well start barking because you’ll be eating dog meat before long.

Maybe you should stop by the animal shelter on your way home. They might need someone to clean out the cages.

Source by Stephen Phillips Anderson

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