Zune Accessories – Are They Hyped Up?


Your baptism to the glitzy world of Mp3 players is incomplete without the mention of the smashing new player from the Microsoft brand called Zune. It’s no ordinary player that we’re talking here. This 30GB digital music player comes preloaded with a multitude of songs from different genres. The integrated FM radio only adds to its aura. Its ability to hold 25000 photos in addition to 100 hours of video coupled with the wireless sharing of photos and videos is more than music to the ears. With its dazzling array of fabulous colors, the Zune has certainly put Microsoft firmly back in the saddle. But more than the music player, it’s the Zune accessories that seem to be hogging all the limelight. Cynics argue that the accessories are hyped up a tad too much. Is that a feeble contention or does it really hold water? Here’s all that you always wanted to know about the Zune accessories.

Dazzling array to choose from

Zune accessories compliment the digital music player perfectly. In fact, these stylized yet extremely functional accessories burnish the mystique of the Zune. Here are some of the accessories that are sure to fill you with a vicarious sense of pride and absolute glee:

* Zune dock: Providing the perfect base for the Zune is just one half of the story. It also enables you to sync and charge the player simultaneously. Get an additional cable, and you can get connected to any A/V device. Can you ask for anything better at $40?

* Zune adaptor: If you’re worried that your Zune is losing steam, breathe life in to it with this AC adaptor that costs $27 that charges for 3 hours. No more hooking the device to your PC.

* Wireless remote control: Here’s something that deserves a thunderous applause. It allows you to control volume, navigate through your playlists as well as all the other files stored on the Zune. It’s sleek and stylish, and fits perfectly on to the Zune dock when sitting idle.

* Dock and stereo system: $180 is all that you need to shell out to make this sleek yet power-packed accessory yours. It’s enhanced with deep bass, which means that it’s bound to sound heavenly. It also boasts of the charge and sync facility that works perfectly with other Mp3 players as well. The headphone jack and wireless remote make this stereo system all the more irresistible.

* Cables: In a world that seems to moon over wireless technology, the host of cables that form part of Zune’s accessories do come as a surprise. There’s the A/V cable that helps you connect the Mp 3 player to the TV or home theater system as well as sync cable that establishes a connection with the AC adaptor and PC. All this for $25.

There are also a multitude of acrylic, leather and silicone cases that certainly deserve a mention. It’s amply clear that with such a stunning array to choose from, the Zune accessories are worthy of praise and a great deal of attention. If you still think they’re hyped up, you would be guilty of thinking in as insular a manner as the dogmatic Generals in Myanmar.

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